Hello, my name is…

Len. I am rewatching the Dragon Ball series right now. Others I am watching right now are, One Piece and Boku no Academia. Attack on Titans is on que, awaiting to be binged. I go to the University of Washington and plan to major in psychology. Psychology is a chill subject. I imagine my psychology career to be a chill one. That is just the icing on the cake. My master plan is to become an economic hitman and finesse the government! And after achieving global sovereignty, I will retire on a farm and become a teacher. Maybe I’ll open a Southeast Asian restaurant too. Smoking weed is another one of my hobbies. Yoga, running, lifting, and healthy food are good for the body! AND so is music. This new Calvin Harris joint with Frank Ocean and MIGOS is waaavy. Uhm. I am reading two books currently, Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Davis and The best punctuation book, period. by June Casagrande. Time to study, peace.


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