Lifestyle change..?

I have been thinking about positive lifestyle changes, I have a lot in mind, but perhaps I can begin with my health. Diet is a critical one. With diet, I would eat more home cooked meals. If I eat out, it would be ever so often, a simple snack like fruits, or vagina vacation. From here, I reduce sugars and meat, supplementing with a handful of veggies. Following the golden mean to indulge in moderation, means to indulge in everything. To diversify my meals! It hurts to see people eat a strict regiment of rice, chicken, and broccoli when mother nature has gifted us with a plethora of foods. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, water as the one and only true drink! Sometimes.

My latest foodie mission was discovering Ethiopian food. I had a platter of injera with a variety of sides including lamb, spinach, and a lot of stuff I forgot. The taste is distinct, yet enticing. I actually have a picture! This is at Cafe Ibex in Seattle. I would definitely make another visit. Somali cuisine is next!


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