I’m aware its past midnight,..

but still need to do a May 18, 2017 reflection. I arrive 15 minutes late to my morning class. Someone occupied by usual seat. I walk towards the nearest open seat and notice this girl. I was like zaammmhm. Her hair is a lavender color, and it matched her pink studded slip-ons. I got light headed. The professor spield on about stress its impacts in the body. Essentially, stress is a phenomenon of intense shittiness and manifestation into a zombie brought by near absolute procrastination. I say, procrastination is a behavior of bio-tweaking that allows for rapid response of STAMINA! stamina—with consequences.

My music has been lacking lately, but today I downloaded spotify and received a 7 day trial. I was lit. I got Yeezus, Cudi, Kendrick, ASAP, La Flame, Kodak, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi, MIGOS, Thug, Drake, Future and A Boogie for now. Uzi and Carti are lit. I’m cool off Yachty.

Also, I started my HCA training today. My understanding of disabilities grew. This experience would be beneficial if I really want to be a health professional. Learning to work with an individual and encourage their well-being sounds like a spiritual task. You’ll definitely need more than technical skills.


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