Yeah, I am…

weird. I can recall times when my friends said, “I don’t know you,” or gave me the look because I did/said something embarrassing in public. Initially, I took it as a signal to chill, but Im beginning to become annoyed. Surely, they’re annoyed too. In my last escapade, I was in a near capacity elevator with a friend. We end up on opposite sides of the vator and call to him, “Hey, bruh.” He replies, “Don’t say/ask me something stupid.” I ask him about a class we share, and eventually we reach the light rail. I thought of nothing about it, but his comment struck a cord. It wasn’t he first time he had said that, or albeit anyone. Three days later, on this glamorous Sunday morning, I’m thinking— why am I friends we these lame ass people. They probably suffer from their own insecurities, making it difficult to deal with my overwhelming presence in public. Deadass. Or perhaps I am too weird. Then again, WTF is weird. The word looks and sounds lame. While playing Divinity Orginal Sins: Enhanced Edition, I learned the word zany; a synonym for weird. ZANY. ZANY. ZANY. I cannot accuraetly explain why, but zany is a cool word. Perhaps it’s the initial “z” sound with the “y” at the end. Like, xannies! Real friends, huh?


I’m aware its past midnight,..

but still need to do a May 18, 2017 reflection. I arrive 15 minutes late to my morning class. Someone occupied by usual seat. I walk towards the nearest open seat and notice this girl. I was like zaammmhm. Her hair is a lavender color, and it matched her pink studded slip-ons. I got light headed. The professor spield on about stress its impacts in the body. Essentially, stress is a phenomenon of intense shittiness and manifestation into a zombie brought by near absolute procrastination. I say, procrastination is a behavior of bio-tweaking that allows for rapid response of STAMINA! stamina—with consequences.

My music has been lacking lately, but today I downloaded spotify and received a 7 day trial. I was lit. I got Yeezus, Cudi, Kendrick, ASAP, La Flame, Kodak, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi, MIGOS, Thug, Drake, Future and A Boogie for now. Uzi and Carti are lit. I’m cool off Yachty.

Also, I started my HCA training today. My understanding of disabilities grew. This experience would be beneficial if I really want to be a health professional. Learning to work with an individual and encourage their well-being sounds like a spiritual task. You’ll definitely need more than technical skills.

Hello, my name is…

Len. I am rewatching the Dragon Ball series right now. Others I am watching right now are, One Piece and Boku no Academia. Attack on Titans is on que, awaiting to be binged. I go to the University of Washington and plan to major in psychology. Psychology is a chill subject. I imagine my psychology career to be a chill one. That is just the icing on the cake. My master plan is to become an economic hitman and finesse the government! And after achieving global sovereignty, I will retire on a farm and become a teacher. Maybe I’ll open a Southeast Asian restaurant too. Smoking weed is another one of my hobbies. Yoga, running, lifting, and healthy food are good for the body! AND so is music. This new Calvin Harris joint with Frank Ocean and MIGOS is waaavy. Uhm. I am reading two books currently, Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Davis and The best punctuation book, period. by June Casagrande. Time to study, peace.