Yeah, I am…

weird. I can recall times when my friends said, “I don’t know you,” or gave me the look because I did/said something embarrassing in public. Initially, I took it as a signal to chill, but Im beginning to become annoyed. Surely, they’re annoyed too. In my last escapade, I was in a near capacity elevator with a friend. We end up on opposite sides of the vator and call to him, “Hey, bruh.” He replies, “Don’t say/ask me something stupid.” I ask him about a class we share, and eventually we reach the light rail. I thought of nothing about it, but his comment struck a cord. It wasn’t he first time he had said that, or albeit anyone. Three days later, on this glamorous Sunday morning, I’m thinking— why am I friends we these lame ass people. They probably suffer from their own insecurities, making it difficult to deal with my overwhelming presence in public. Deadass. Or perhaps I am too weird. Then again, WTF is weird. The word looks and sounds lame. While playing Divinity Orginal Sins: Enhanced Edition, I learned the word zany; a synonym for weird. ZANY. ZANY. ZANY. I cannot accuraetly explain why, but zany is a cool word. Perhaps it’s the initial “z” sound with the “y” at the end. Like, xannies! Real friends, huh?


Lifestyle change..?

I have been thinking about positive lifestyle changes, I have a lot in mind, but perhaps I can begin with my health. Diet is a critical one. With diet, I would eat more home cooked meals. If I eat out, it would be ever so often, a simple snack like fruits, or vagina vacation. From here, I reduce sugars and meat, supplementing with a handful of veggies. Following the golden mean to indulge in moderation, means to indulge in everything. To diversify my meals! It hurts to see people eat a strict regiment of rice, chicken, and broccoli when mother nature has gifted us with a plethora of foods. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, water as the one and only true drink! Sometimes.

My latest foodie mission was discovering Ethiopian food. I had a platter of injera with a variety of sides including lamb, spinach, and a lot of stuff I forgot. The taste is distinct, yet enticing. I actually have a picture! This is at Cafe Ibex in Seattle. I would definitely make another visit. Somali cuisine is next!